About us

Tanseeq Commercial Brokerage L.L.C was established for a key purpose - to save your money, time and efforts in searching for companies to carry out external / internal finishing or maintenance works for your real estate including: 

construction, flooring, exterior design, interior design, decoration regardless of that property is.

Tanseeq Commercial Brokerage L.L.C is proud to be the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates, established in Abu Dhabi under the commercial companies Law of 2015.


Tanseeq Commercial Brokerage considers the high quality in both, the work provided and the customer service as one of the most important foundations to base on and give the great priority.



Since cost reduction is one of our main objectives, we provide a clear and transparent pricing policy of 3% from the total value of the project at a minimum of AED 1,500 and no more than AED 15,000.

Our staff

The policy of a Tanseeq Commercial Brokerage in the selection of its employees depends on the appointment of distinguished individuals with experience and competence and the importance of the role of each employee on board and at the same time Tanseeq Commercial Brokerage is committed to providing a professional work environment and clear objectives that facilitate the employee to work and expect in return creativity and excellence.



Tanseeq Commercial Brokerage  depends in its administration  on several key factors to achieve its objectives and those are:

Careful planning, Guidance, Organization, Support and Encouragement of staff, Control of finance and Human resources and customer service in order to reach the desired results and satisfy their customers.


To provide excellent service to our clients that lead to deliver great results in shortest possible time, and save their money and effort in dealing and searching for internal and external design and finishing companies.



To be a leading name in the United Arab Emirates in the field of completion of internal and external finishing tasks, maintenance and restoration, and to provide a distinct service to our clients to ensure their comfort, happiness and satisfaction and save their money and time.


Core values

Commitment - clarity - integrity - hard work - customer satisfaction

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