Who are our customers? and how services are classified ?



Type I

We provide the service to customers who want to make improvements, additions or general maintenance to their properties, whether the property is a house or a place of work or otherwise, so we identify the external or internal finishing or maintenance work required then we coordinate with the competent companies with high performance in the required works and contract with them and complete the work with ease and comfort to the client and those works include for example but not limited to:

• Swimming pools
• All types of flooring
• Garden design
• Exterior and interior decoration works
• Supply and installation of bathrooms and kitchens
• Water solutions and technologies (cooling, heating, purification)
• Smart home appliances
• Glass houses and external supplements (prefab houses)
• Various carpentry works
• Outdoor and indoor lighting


Type II

We provide services to our customers who wish to carry out internal and external finishing work for their new homes or properties (under construction) so that the customer has two options:

1 - Provide price offers from interior design companies for the cost of design only, so that the client to choose the appropriate ones and start to prepare the full designs of the project in direct coordination with the client and within the approved budget for the items of finishing and then request bids from several specialized companies to finish the project by design.

2 - In case if our customer doesn’t want to deal with interior design companies, we will then provide him with quotes for the approved building materials, using several vendors from all around UAE, this is to ensure he gets the best prices. Also, we ask those vendors to provide same quality alternatives at a better price, to let the client have multiple options to choose the best ones from, and reduce his costs.  .


Type III

Is that we coordinate the presentation and marketing of the best offers in the world of construction and decoration, which are characterized by their quality and reasonable price, for example:

• Prefabricated houses
• Garden greenhouses
• Outdoor parapets of gardens
• Carpentry and woodwork

If you are one of these customers who can benefit from the coordination services please feel free to contact us

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