How is the process done?

In Tanseeq Commercial Brokerage we receive requests from our valued customers for finishing their construction, flooring, exterior design, interior design, decoration or maintenance works at their properties, we then communicate with specialized, skilled companies to carry out these works, taking into consideration the highest standards of quality  and at the lowest possible cost within a shortest possible period.


That process is very important for several reasons most importantly to save the time, effort and the money of our customers in a hand and prevent our customers from having any problems that they might face because of their lack of experience or preoccupation with their duty timings on the other hand. 


We can confirm that any error in the organization or implementation of the work at any stage might lead to unexpected results or to material loss due to the need to restoration or modification of the work or a dispute with the Implementing company, which usually happens and everyone wants to avoid. Here comes our role so the customer will not need to work with multiple companies, or companies who do not have the real experience in doing the needed work, but with just one company Tanseeq Commercial Brokerage, 


The process is carried out through regular steps as follows:


We Identify the work requiered through the client and a visit to the site


We monitor the contracting & start-up process


We  draft and prepare the needed work clearly to start the request for quotation (RFQ) process



Follow Up the progress of the work and ensure the satisfaction of our client


We Communicate and coordinate with the best companies within the UAE,  and request quotations


Ensure the completion of the work agreed as appropriate


Study and discuss the quotations with the client and select the best one

Client rights

Ensure after the completion of the work and the satisfaction of our client to provide him with a copy of  his rights during the warranty period (if any was agreed)

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